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- Nicht von Menschenhand - Das Wunder von Guadalupe -

Rätsel um den größten Wallfahrtsorte der Erde

- T H E  A U T H O R  L A R S  A.  F I S C H I N G E R -

Lars A. Fischinger
The author Lars A. Fischinger deals for nearly two decades with the big and small riddles of this world. The "cult expert Lars A. Fischinger" (Daily Record, Glasgow) published moreover numerous articles in appropriate technical periodicals and magazines and held suitable talks.

Der Autoir in GizehThe author was a co-editor of the Unknown Reality as well as employees of the magazines OMICRON and New Scientific Times and is an author with a row of professional magazines. In addition, he is a responsible editor and author for the area "Parawissenschaft" with the Internet supplier freenet.de.

Der Autor auf dem Tepeyac, GuadalupeFischinger is, in the meantime, the most successful author of the "new sciences" on the German-speaking Internet and was distinguished for it from freenet.de with "gold". Also his private Internet page www. Grenzwissenschaft.net counts to one of the mostly called sites on these subjects.

Der Autor in SakkaraSearch trips to Mexico City and, above all, multiple visits of the pilgrimage site Guadalupe do Fischinger an expert of the secrets around the Tilma of Juan Diego. To deal the secrets all around the Marien's phenomena of 1531 to induce the author more intensely with it.

Lars A. Fischinger im BüroThe phenomenon researcher published up to now the books divine times, gods of the stars, Before the UFOs came ..., UFO sects (with Roland M. Horn), companion from the universe, ...and then there came the UFOs, the gods were here!, the look in beyond, the look in beyond II and in the shade of the science which were translated into several foreign languages.

Lars A. Fischinger
Nicht von Menschenhand
Das Wunder von Guadalupe und seine Geschichte / Rätsel um den größten Wallfahrtsorte der Erde und andere Reliquien
Silberschnur Verlag 2007, 288 S., ca. 60 Fotos & Abb.,  geb., ISBN 3898451747, 17,90 Euro