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- Nicht von Menschenhand - Das Wunder von Guadalupe -

Rätsel um den größten Wallfahrtsorte der Erde

- E P I L O Q U E  O F  T H E  A U T H O R -

We live in a hectic, apparently enlightened time in which with rational science everything can be cleared. For miracle no place is in our mechanised world. And, nevertheless, you have read, dear readers, just about a real, handy and available miracle. Every day every person who wishes it can see it. For nearly 500 years it is on her holy place on the Tepeyac close Mexico City and resists cheeky every explanation method. The Tilma of Guadalupe with her wonderful portrait of the holy virgin Maria does not fit thus at all in our modern time. It seems as if she comes of another planet, from another existence.

In Europe is hardly known the Tilma by Guadalupe. It is a kind of relic from a distant world about which only some know and to which still less people have more precise information. However, in Latin America this is completely different. Millions pilgrims pounce on the sanctum of Guadalupe and deeply believe in her inside that here God a miracle has worked in the year December, 1531. Religious zeal or also devout wishful thinking could mean one. However, to him is not in such a way! The information amassed in this book about the Tilma of Guadalupe solves the riddle of his existence in no case.

There are only two possibilities where the Tilma and her picture have come. Possibility one is that a Spaniard or a gifted Aztec 1531 took a Tilma and painted on it the goddess of the sky, the mother of God. Was it in such a way, has an endowed artist attached here his paintbrush? All investigations and their findings of the last centuries contradict him in the Tilma. The fact position speaks plainly against the fact that here a person could have made a picture of the Madonna in a known technology. The evident circumstances in the Tilma leave no place for the thesis that a human artist has created the portrait. Where are the tracks of his work, and is it even a colour or brushstrokes? Does what the evident circumstances of the in the Tilma leave place no the for the thesis that an artist a human the portrait has created. Where are the tracks of work of his, and is it even an a colour or brushstrokes?

Vatican is sure that the mother Jesus Christ has appeared to the Aztec Juan Diego. Further also that Diego appeared by a heavenly miracle of God on his wrap suddenly the picture of the Madonna. The believers and Vatican must not explain it. Since there has been been by God and has been created. The Tilma like the phenomena of the virgin on the Tepeyac in itself are as inexplicable miracles, how all the other things like healings and similar all around the Tilma. The further to itself the science with the Tilma and her picture concerned, the more questions position themselves to the sceptical researcher in the way. There is no explanation of the available being of the Tilma which would already have had to disintegrate 450 years ago. There is just as little one rational explanation how the picture on Diegos Tilma has come. God must have been, say the religious pilgrims in Mexico. The science is quiet, because it is up against a riddle that also she cannot explain. The science may speak of God as a creator of the Tilma reluctantly. Darling of a phenomenon, riddle or mystery.

However, not only ecclesiastical persons and scientists have dealt with the Tilma. Also authors of the border science have taken care of the picture. Already before decades the thesis became in different books loudly that extraterrestrial can visit the earth since millenniums and also Marien's phenomena in this sense be interpreted. These authors compare reports of UFO sightings to the portrayals of the witnesses with the appearance of the mother of God. Above all, the Marien's phenomena from the famous place of pilgrimage Fatimá in Portugal (1917) are pulled up for the comparison. Indeed: There are resemblances between the reports on UFO meetings and the phenomena of the supposed mother of God. The "solar miracle" of Fatimá in 1917, for example, reminds in many points of a meeting with an UFO. The "virgin Maria", from present witnesses never separate only from the selected people or seers (often easy children) can be seen, therefore, would be a kind of extraterrestrial. Or, however, in light and colours dressed women's figure would be a kind of projection of the strangers from space.

At what, however, these supposed extraterrestrial with her appearance wanted to aim as a Christian Mother of God and want, none of the authors can answer. Time messages are announced and it is often demanded that a Marien's chapel at the place of the revelations should be established. There were messages with the phenomena of the God's mother in Guadalupe not directly. However, there was like with the other Marien's phenomena all over the world also the order of the appearance that here a church should be built. Just the pilgrimage site biggest today of the earth Guadalupe.

A sense at which supposed extraterrestrial want to aim with it avoids completely our understanding. As of course also the question, why the strangers from the universe could be since millenniums here about which also the author has published numerous books.

However, even if God has to answer for the manifestations of the virgin Maria before the eyes Juan Diegos even in his quality as a creator of the universe - what has for a sense? And why did the picture of Maria appear on the Tilma when Diego dropped the flowers before the bishop to ground? As a token of the divinity, with the knowledge that the modern research will bring always new riddles in the daylight? "God's ways are unfathomable" is a religious saying. Undoubtedly this applies with the numerous mysteries all around the Tilma of Guadalupe also fully and completely. Since we simply do not know where from the picture comes as it originated, why it has not still disintegrated or also why it generally exists!

A mythical, religious, puzzling and inexplicable breath goes out from the Tilma. Everybody which itself feed with this phenomenon concerned will have to find out that here a little bit cannot be right. He will note that in our millennium a small piece of material exists which mocks of every explanation. Clear he will have to say after intensive employment of the phenomenon Tilma that he deals here with a miracle which is since centuries before the eyes of the people.

And if it does not have to believe in our today's world with astronautics, Internet and touched Zahnpaster also a breath of the attractive in something unusual - to a miracle ...

Lars A. Fischinger
Nicht von Menschenhand
Das Wunder von Guadalupe und seine Geschichte / Rätsel um den größten Wallfahrtsorte der Erde und andere Reliquien
Silberschnur Verlag 2007, 232 S., ca. 60 Fotos & Abb.,  geb., ISBN 3898451747, 17,90 Euro